Transmission Repair

The transmission of the car is one of the major components of the car. It has a number of electronic components which guides the engine in changing the gear, transfers the power of the engine to wheels of the car. It gives the push to the vehicle for moving ahead.

Because of the advancement of technologies, there are many types of transmissions available in the market depending upon the variant of the vehicles. The advanced transmissions need modern technology and these may be costlier to fix than the other transmissions.

ProTek Automotive is the auto mechanic near you. We are auto repair shop providing end to end automotive solution to the client’s vehicle. We address the issues related to the vehicle such as alignment of the wheel, air condition repair, tire pressure, automotive battery problems, changing of the lubricants and engine oil of the vehicle, and arranging scheduled maintenance programme of the vehicle.

  • Driving style: Rough driving or driving on a bumpy road, hills, mountains and many stops on the road affects the transmission of the vehicle.
  • Heavy load:
    Heavy load on the vehicle also can be dangerous to the transmission.

Driving habits and heavy load not only affects the transmission. However, it affects the entire life of the vehicle.

There are some signs which indicate that the transmission needs an automotive repair through a mechanic.

  • The smell of burning:

One of the most common signs of the transmission problem is it starts generating smell of some burning. However, this is just the beginning. You should immediately visit us with your car in order to repair the car as soon as possible before it affects other parts of the car.

  • The sound of the engine:

If the sound of the engine is odd than the usual, it is recommended that the car has to be checked by the professional mechanic car repair shop near you. As soon as you recognize that the sound of the car’s engine is not usual, take immediate action. The manual transmission has shown more frequent problems.

  • Engine Light:

The engine of the light is the good indicator for showing that there is something is not right or there will be a problem very soon in the engine and in particular with the transmission of the engine. The sensor of the vehicle’s engine gives an alarming signal if there is some problem with the transmission.

  • Leakage of fluid:

If your car transmission fluid is leaking, it becomes apparent that the vehicle requires your immediate action. The role of fluid is very important for transmission. It helps in the moving a car. It is better to regularly check transmission fluid level for better car maintenance. There are some of the causes which lead to leakage of the fluid such as worn gaskets, transmission is loose, driveshaft imbalance, axles worn etc.

  • Inspection by dipstick:

Inspection by dipstick is one of the most simple, affordable and easy ways to check the transmission fluids. Owner’s manual helps in finding the location of the dipstick. Take the inspection with the dipstick when the engine is warm.

  • Response delay

If the car delays in movement after the instruction by the driver, the common cause is the problem with the transmission. The transmission helps in taking the right gear each time. However, if there is any interruption than there is a problem with the transmission.

If you found any of the above issues in your engine transmission than ProTek Automotive is the perfect car mechanic shop near you. In the case of an emergency, you can try the following techniques.

  • Change of fluids:

By using a dipstick, check the level of fluid in the vehicle. If the colour of the fluid is red, it can be continued to be used. However, if it becomes black and already burnt, it is recommended to change the fluids.

Depending upon the variant of the car, it is recommended to change the oil by every 35,000 to 40,000 miles. Owner’s manual helps in getting the right information for your vehicle.

  • Preventive scheduled maintenance:

Timely preventive maintenance of the vehicle’s transmission is required in order to keep the vehicle’s transmission in a properly functional condition. Preventive Maintenance is the key. It addresses almost all the issues before it actually occurs.