Pre Purchase Inspection

A pre-purchase inspection is really important as it makes sure that the vehicle you are buying is out of any default. It is possible that the vehicle that one is planning to buy has some hidden damage, faults, or another trivial malfunctioning. That’s why at Palm Beach Auto Mechanic Repair and Race performance shop we provide pre-purchase inspection. Basically, in the process the vehicles are fully evaluated for any damage and a report of perfection is made.

Buying a car can be a difficult job and that too in today’s world when there are so many options available out there. There are different cars available today from high ranging to low ranging, from racing cars to non-racing cars, from diesel to petrol. Being a consumer, we should know about each and everything that we are buying.

The consumer has a lot of responsibilities and should be well aware of what he or she is buying and if there are any faults in the vehicle or not. There are possible chances that the second hand car that we are buying is not perfect or the way we want it.

That’s why at Protek Automotive Repair in Royal Palm Beach we provide pre-purchase inspection services so that you can buy your vehicle without any worry.Call today to schedule an appointment 561-855-4686

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The process includes the buyer to appoint an evaluator- a third party organization. Then the mechanic or evaluator usually goes to the shop, and then the general data about the car is obtained such as the model, type, Vehicle Identification Number (VIP). After obtaining the general data the vehicles are inspected or looked for any damages. Usually, the major systems such as brakes, chassis, suspension, fluids system are well checked. The paints, dents, scratches, cracks or discoloration in the glasses are very carefully inspected. Wipers are well looked after for any damage. Then the performance of the vehicle is also looked by a small drive test. During the driving test, it is made sure that the vehicle doesn’t make any noise or jittery sound. The oil system is also checked and tires are checked for any wear out.

On the basis of the functioning and performances of the various parts, the mechanic or evaluator makes out a report. Then on the basis of the report the evaluator tells if the car is suitable for buying or the possible future repairs that one has to face. The mechanic may also take a lot of pictures and send them to you for more close and relaxed inspection. In some cases, the mechanic makes the inspection without the buyer, but in some cases, it requires for the buyer to be present at the place. If the report is good you can very confidently buy the car but if the report states some ugly problem you can save a hell lot of money, which might have wasted if you have bought the car.

The cost will vary from car to car usually the price ranges from $100 and above.

There are different types of inspection: Mobile inspection and Garage inspection. In the mobile inspection, the mechanic will come to the very place where the car is to be inspected and is able to give the sudden report very fast. Hence, it’s a very good process if you are in hurry to buy a car. The other inspection is garage inspection where you take the car to a garage and the car is inspected with full techniques using appropriate and sophisticated tools. Each inspection has its own advantage and disadvantage.

We At Protek Automotive Repair  provide the best reports so that you can buy your car confidently. We realize that it is a very important investment and you don’t want to regret later. That’s why at Protek Automotive Repair repair we provide the best inspections and that too at a very affordable rate. 

At today’s world, we cannot trust everything or anything so it’s always a safe idea to be safe rather than crying at the end. It is said “prevention is better than cure “so as a preventive measure Pre-purchase inspection service should be on everybody’s list before making a purchase. Since one is going to spend a lot amount of money, why not make sure that you are spending on the right vehicle. At Protek Automotive Repair, we make sure that the amount of money you spend is worth the price without future repair.