Auto Air Condition

Being in South Florida, a good air conditioning system is necessary for a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.There could be many different problems with your AC system, including, but not limited to, low freon, a bad compressor or leaking lines. There may be repairs that require the AC system to be removed or opened in order to perform other mechanical work. This other work may include evacuation and recharge of the freon or removal of AC components. These repairs can be costly but here at Protek, we will do everything in our power to save you as much money as possible. We also ensure that every AC system, whether foriegn or domestic,  is diagnosed correctly and the necessary repairs are performed in a timely manner to get you back in your car for a comfortable ride. 

Common AC components: 

  • Compressor

  •  Expansion valve

  • Condenser

  • Drier

  • Evaporator Core

  • Lines

Here at Protek Automotive we can handle all your Automotive Air conditioning needs from evaporator to a compressor to a switch we can do it all for you .Free AC chekups also available

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